Our Services

We offer our customers a comprehensive service package with a focus on toolmaking and plastic injection molding. This is our core business.
However, since projects cannot be delimited purely to these aspects, we have additional services in our portfolio to provide you with the appropriate service throughout all project steps.

Innovasia services

Our core business – mold making and plastic injection molding

Innovasia’s core business relates to toolmaking and plastic injection molding. Especially in this area, we offer the possibility to outsource the whole project or parts of it to Asia due to the long lasting business relations with our Chinese partners. This offers you the advantages of cost savings as well as short-term access to manufacturing capacities. For more information on project handling based on a specific scenario, please click HERE.

In China, all manufacturing standards valid in Germany, such as the materials, built-in parts and tolerances are met or applied in toolmaking and plastic injection molding. Thus, we use the components of the leading suppliers in mold making, such as Hasco, Meusburger, LKM, Yudo, etc.

Additional services

In addition to our core business, we offer our customers a comprehensive range of additional services for integrated project management. Starting with consulting during construction, such as component design, up to logistic handling i.e. delivery of the final products to the desired destination.

We offer the following additional services:

Consulting and Development Support

Design of wall thicknesses, shaping of ribs or usage of inserts – already in the development phase we support you in the correct design of your concept so that the final product meets your expectations. We can also support this with a computer-aided simulation of your model (e.g. mold flow analysis).

This has the following advantages in particular:

  • Saving of development cycles and thus shortening of the development time
  • Early detection of potential weak points in the product
  • Reduction of the number of prototypes

If there are no possibilities for in-house design, we can also do this for you with the help of our business partners.

Project Management

Innovasia is your primary contact throughout the entire project. We take care of the communication in the background for you, so that you can concentrate on your own business. In addition, we support you in the time planning of your project and define important milestones together.

Project Sourcing

Individual products are usually dependent on a wide variety of components. For example, plastic articles are often screwed together and other articles such as seals, sleeves and inserts are added. If necessary, we can source these directly by our local business partners, so that you receive a complete assembly from us.

Assembly of Components

Everything from one source – not only for the additional components but also for the (pre-) assembly of subassemblies. Here we offer you various assembly and joining processes such as ultrasonic welding. The necessary jigs and fixtures are of course specially manufactured according to the given requirements.

Surface Treatment

To ensure that a product not only meets the design requirements but also the optical and haptic requirements, we offer you a comprehensive portfolio for surface finishing. For example, we can manufacture your surfaces according to VDI 3400, create an individual grain by etching or print customer-specific, e.g. with a company logo.

Quality Assurance

The success in our work lies in the quality of our products! Especially due to the already long lasting business relations with our partners in Germany and China we can build on an extensive quality management and documentation.

Our business partner in Germany offers certifications according to ISO 9001 as well as IATF 16949. This is an indicator for our high quality standards and customer satisfaction.

Logistic Project Management

Delivery to the end customer – on request, we can take over the logistical handling of the tools and manufactured articles from the production site to the customer. We use global logistics service providers such as UPS, TNT, FedEx and several shipping companies.

Aluminum and Tin Die Casting

Our partners in China also manufacture the tools for the articles, which are produced by aluminum and tin die casting. Here we see our advantage in being able to produce even small quantities at fair prices. Lot sizes from  500 pieces are possible.


Fiber-reinforced composites, such as high-quality components for medical technology made of CFRP (carbon fiber-reinforced plastics), are also manufactured by our partners in China. As with aluminum and tin die casting, small batch sizes are possible.