Project execution

Our international business partners and their production sites offer you the possibility to use the site-specific advantages for your project in an optimal way. Innovasia is your central contact during the entire project. In addition, Innovasia takes over the entire project handling and the warranty as well as the guarantee after project completion. Components “Made in Germany”.

Possibilities of project handling

Based on the business relations in China and Germany, there are 3 possibilities for the customers to handle a project. The complete project in China or Germany or the cost-optimized mix of both countries. Consequently, the respective country-specific advantages can be optimally used for your project.


The following scenario serves as an example for a project execution in China as well as in Germany:

A plastic injection mold is manufactured in China and also sample parts are produced. The subsequent serial production is carried out in Germany at the company’s own production site or, if this option is not available, directly at a manufacturing partner from Innovasia.

Project flow – tooling in China and manufacturing in Germany

The following figure illustrates this project flow and at the same time represents the most important milestones for the previously mentioned scenario. Since each project differs in the individual requirements, we create the optimal flow for your project based on the existing project constellation.